Between Enrollment Periods

When open enrollment is closed, you may still have the opportunity to sign up for affordable coverage through Medicaid or if you have experienced certain life events.

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Download and print these resources to help keep you in the know with the new health care law. Here you'll find information important for you and your health.

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My Story

  • As a recent graduate, the transition to being a fully independent adult can get pretty challenging. The new health care law lets me stay on my family’s insurance plan until I’m 26 years old, without me having to do a thing. I’m not even worried about eventually finding my own plan, because the Marketplace will help me research and choose the plan that’s best for me.
    Georgia Henry 22
  • “Came here to enroll for health insurance. Free health screening showed my cholesterol is good!”

    Sharnell expresses gratitude with a smile for the free medical services at a Path to Health event and information that made her feel more knowledgeable about her health.
    Sharnell Greer
  • Christopher beams for the camera as he shares his good news; “I got enrolled.” Christopher is just one of many individuals and families who signed up for affordable health insurance at a Path to Health event.
    Christopher Jerry
  • “Excited & Happy for the health fest today! Qualified & enrolled in Medicaid,” Ms. Lake shares her good news and encourages others to learn about their options for affordable insurance.
    Lillie P. Lake

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